September Tips

Protect your horse from Bot flies with Zimecterin Gold.  Bot flies are horrible pests that lay their eggs on your horses legs, neck and face.  When the horse licks the eggs, they hatch and larvae bore into the horse’s tongue and gums.
September is the best month to establish or renovate your lawn.  The temperatures are cooler and there tends to be more frequent rains to help the grass seed germinate and thrive.
Wipe out weeds in your lawn this month, before they go to seed.  You’ll have a better looking lawn now and less weed pressure next year.
Don’t fertilize trees and shrubs this late in the season. Late-season fertilization can stimulate late-season growth that can be damaged or killed by cold winter temperatures. 
Late summer and fall are excellent times to plant trees. The hot weather will soon pass, and the trees will have the cool temperatures of fall for establishment.
School’s Back In—Many dogs will become bored or possibly develop separation anxiety with the loss of playmates.  Make sure your pet has plenty of toys and activities to keep them busy while the kids are at school. If your dog is crated while you are gone, toys will help keep your pet engaged. If they are allowed to be loose you can also scatter kibble around the house for your pet to find while you are gone – this will keep them entertained.

This is the time to get your lawn ready for next year.  Get the weeds now and there will be far fewer of them next year.  Not sure what weeds you have?  Ask us, we’ll help you get‘em. 




Our Waupaca store has closed, but your favorite Jay-Mar Bird Seeds, Fertilizers, Pet Foods and Wildlife Food Plot products are still available.  Silver Mist Garden Center is conveniently located just a couple miles south of Waupaca on Hwy 22.
Silver Mist Garden Center


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