November Specials

November Tips

Pet Care for Winter

Outdoor pets should have dry, out of the wind shelter. Bring cats and dogs into the house if the weather conditions are rainy, snowy or severe (cold, etc).


Staying warm requires extra calories, pets may need more food or a change in diet. Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s needs.

Whereshould I put my Bird Feeder?

Find an area a few feet away from protective cover.—Birds use dense tangles of shrubbery or trees as places to hide from predators.  If you live where the ground is already frozen, make a brush pile of old tree limbs.
Look for a sunny, calm location.—The east or south side of your house will probably offer the most protection from cold, northerly winds.  Also, the brighter the location, the easier it will be for you to see and identify your feathered guests. 
Guard against squirrels and cats.—Squirrels can jump as far as 10 feet from the nearest leaping-off point, so set up your feeding station with this in mind. If cats roam in or near your yard, be sure your feeders are several feet away from any potential cat hiding places.
Clean your feeders.—We highly recommend cleaning your feeders at least once during the season. Dump out any remaining contents, scrub the feeder with soap and water, then dip into a solution that's one part bleach and nine parts water. Rinse the feeder well and make sure it’s dry before refilling. Keeping your feeders clean will help protect birds against disease-carrying microbes. Also, rake up seed hulls from your yard in the spring; decomposing hulls can kill your grass and spread disease to feeder birds.

Convenience is important.—Remember, you'll need to refill your bird feeders.  Make sure you put up your feeders in a location that's easy for refilling.




Our Waupaca store has closed, but your favorite Jay-Mar Bird Seeds, Fertilizers, Pet Foods and Wildlife Food Plot products are still available.  Silver Mist Garden Center is conveniently located just a couple miles south of Waupaca on Hwy 22.
Silver Mist Garden Center


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